czwartek, 11 czerwca 2009

Bielsza biel/ Whiter white

I love cards by Lisa Spangler, she is soo creative person:) And I really like her tutorials how to make good photos of card, today I tried to use one called 'Get rid of the grey gloom!' And you know what? It works! Yay! I love it, it quick and easy way to make your pictures more "professional-look". Check wonderful blog by Lisa

So here is my card, colorful but this picture wasn't perfect, colors are greyish (white is really grey)

And here is photo after some tricks in Photoshop, I really like final effect:)

Thank you sooo much Lisa for sharing this tutorial!

5 komentarzy:

Godelieve pisze...

Fantastic result! What a difference. I like the card too!

Winter pisze...

Cute card! Isn't it amazing how it really makes the white pop?!

Kristina pisze...

Wow, such big difference. I know I'm definitely going to use this little trick a lot! Great job!

Anonimowy pisze...

Wow... this is awesome! Especially the pink and green! Rich and fun!

Great card, and great job on this challenge! I'm too excited to see what Lisa comes up with next!

Bianca pisze...

Hi Doris!

Great card and great photo results!!!

Greetings from Germany,